Saturday, July 11, 2009


Every week, i have to struggle with 8 subjects. Eventhough the subjects are less than the subjects that i had taken during SPM, i have to struggle more with this 8 subjects. This is because i have to learn the whole thing about the subjects.

For instance, in biology subject i have to know every detail about the whole chapters that i learn compare to when i was in form five. Form five learning was more to the basic knowledge of biology.

Besides, i also have to learn new subjects that i hadn't learn during SPM such as biochemistry and physiology. Its a bit hard for me to understand these subjects as they are complicated subjects. Another factor that make me always blurr in the class is there are too many people in the class during lecture. For both subjects, three classes combine during lecture. Can u imagine???60 to 70 persons in a classes......... how can i concentrate??

BUT, im a glad because i have so many clever friends who can help me when im not understand in any subjects. Now, i have understand these subjects more than ever and the good news is i already got good results in every quizzes for these subjects.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My sifussss

Ok, now i will introduce all my lecturers that have already begun their work to guide us to the 'true path' in each subject.

First and foremost, Miss Siti Hasnaa as for my English lecturer. She is a kind person who always care about her students (free fried bananas) hehe. And, a person who wants her students to succeed in any aspects in English subject, from oral skills to zero grammatical error in writings. For our Arabic lecturer, the experience one Dr Na'imah teaches us to speak fluently in Egyptian Arabic language. Our dearly Madam Arfah, who has vast experience in Islamic field teaches us Civilization in Islam.

For Biochemistry subject, the one who teaches us is Madam Mimi Sophia. She is a moderate person and always makes jokes in class. Madam Wati a.k.a 'cikgu' is a dedicated person who teaches us Physiology. As for Biology subject, a person from Sarawak with a simple name, Miss Norliza teaches us all the organs and systems in our body. She also teaches us for Physiology tutorial. A young and nice person named Miss Alya teaches us for Biochemistry subject.

Madam Siti Fatahiyyah who is incharged for MEP programme also teaches us. Currently, she teaches us for Intro in Islam and Medicine subject. Last but not least, Madam Umiatun who is an expert in dealing with technology teaches us Compute Literacy.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Before the class start, the juniors had been given a brief explanation about the subjects the will be taken by students in classes. Note that different programmes will learn different subjects. The MEP (Middle East Programme) students that include me will take seven subjects. The subjects are English, Civilization in Islam, Intro to Islam and Medicine, Computer Literacy, Biology, Biochemistry, Physiology and Arabic. It sounds heavy for i need to learn seven subjects but this is life..... we need to struggle if we want to achieve what we want.

My first class started on Monday, 20th May. All my roommates and me woke up early in the morning as we were very excited to start our first classes. At that time, im a bit curios......... i wondered how my class looks like, who are my classmates, who are my lecturers and how their faces looks like......... :) just kidding. After had a little breakfast, i walked to the bus station. Every juniors include me with the blurry face waiting for the bus to come. It just kind of funny to think that i really have to take the bus to the class......... it just like when i was in the high school.
 be continued....

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It was a long way to INTEC from my place, Kuala Terengganu. After a six-hour tiring journey, i finally arrived. It was a wonderful feeling to be greeted by the seniors as if i am a VIP. I was given a key with the room nomber of c1/501 during registration. The room is located in front of the cafe, that was a good news for me. The bad news was that i have to climb five storey building everyday as that is where my room located. Still, it is something that i should not worry about for my purpose here is to learn and i should face all the challenges to achieve my dream.

My room are accomodated by four people including me. Two of them are from Selangor and the other one is from far far away, Sabah. All four of us are taking medicine course so it will be nice to work together. The seniors had organised an orientation week on the first week for the new students. The programme had given the chance for the juniors to know more about INTEC and of course tightening the relationship between juniors and seniors.

Friday, May 29, 2009

First step being a doctor

Many sounds buzzing at ears..............telling me which is the perfect course should i take after i get my spm result,but none of the 'advice' affect my decision.The truth is i wanna be a doctor,fullstop.

Although many negative comments raining on me about my decision__ 'doctor cannot rest during work, housemanship is terrifying, u will be a robot who cannot get your own life'___blablablababla. Say what u want but to me watching the cherish of people when they get cured is more than enough for me.

I know that many tough challenges ahead of me as im ready to take it. With my lovely parents besides me and my friends supporting me, i know that i can be a doctor..............someday

My journey begins as i set my foots at the international education centre(INTEC). I found many new friends from all around Malaysia with their own visions. Some want to be engineers, teachers,architects as well as doctors. I have a feeling that really excite me more to chase my ambition to be a doctor after met people who has same vision as me. It really nice to meet, talk and friend with these people because we share one ambition. Now all the negative comments had gone completely and i feel very very happy now being here.

Here, i join MEP programme that stands for Middle East Programme. I will be here for three months before flying to Egypt. Actually i have to pass the final exam so that i can fly so............pray for me everyone. Wait for me Egypt!!!