Saturday, July 11, 2009


Every week, i have to struggle with 8 subjects. Eventhough the subjects are less than the subjects that i had taken during SPM, i have to struggle more with this 8 subjects. This is because i have to learn the whole thing about the subjects.

For instance, in biology subject i have to know every detail about the whole chapters that i learn compare to when i was in form five. Form five learning was more to the basic knowledge of biology.

Besides, i also have to learn new subjects that i hadn't learn during SPM such as biochemistry and physiology. Its a bit hard for me to understand these subjects as they are complicated subjects. Another factor that make me always blurr in the class is there are too many people in the class during lecture. For both subjects, three classes combine during lecture. Can u imagine???60 to 70 persons in a classes......... how can i concentrate??

BUT, im a glad because i have so many clever friends who can help me when im not understand in any subjects. Now, i have understand these subjects more than ever and the good news is i already got good results in every quizzes for these subjects.

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